Travel Club by Wyndham Provides a Tailor Made Holiday

PhuketAs an Australian, I wanted to visit some Asian countries, but as a widow wanting to travel alone, the itinerary needed to be comprehensive enough but manageable for me and within my comfort zone.

The answer for me was to cruise, which I love, from Fremantle to Singapore with stops in Phuket, Malaysia and a four day program of day trips in Singapore.

The travel consultant arranged all my bookings, from Brisbane to Perth, including flight, transfer and accommodation. The cruise was also booked, then the Singapore package of accommodation, transfers and tours and return flight to Australia.

The itinerary suited me perfectly for travelling on my own, and I was able to relax and enjoy the holiday that was tailor made especially for me. It was all made so easy for me.

Looking forward to doing similar in Europe next year, knowing that travelling can be enjoyable and hassle free

Many thanks


One thought on “Travel Club by Wyndham Provides a Tailor Made Holiday

  1. Yes, I agree with the blogger’s story that booking your travel plan with the right tour and Travel Company will make your trip to any part of the world a hassle free affair. The entire cruise journey may be booked and you will face no any difficulty. such tailor-made plans are going to provide you utmost joy of travelling

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