Relaxing in Ballarat

We have just got back from a weekend at Wyndham Ballarat – omg!

That would have to be the most relaxing place I have ever come across, the resort is such a beautiful old building & the grounds are simply beautiful & peaceful.

I would love to deter other people from going to Ballarat – only for my own selfish reasons – so it’s never booked out when I want to go & stay. BUT how can I keep such a relaxing place to myself?

People go to Ballarat, not only are the staff simply unreal & so considerate – all the stress, strain & drama of everyday life leaves you as you drive through the gates.

So beautiful, thank you so much for giving us that opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful place.

PS this was the first ever place we have stayed in since becoming Owners.


2 thoughts on “Relaxing in Ballarat

  1. We stayed there the weekend just gone as we had a convention in the city of Melbourne. I have to echo Deb’s sentiments – the staff were super friendly and helpful, the place is uber relaxing and peaceful and the building itself is just gorgeous! The apartment we were in had lovely high ceilings, heating and cooling systems and set out beautifully. I’ve lived in homes smaller than our apartment! Although we had to endure the update (we had agreed on the proviso that they wouldn’t try to sell more credits – we got almost to the end but they just couldn’t help themselves! >:c( )
    We both miss the place already. Even in town, all the staff at the restaurants and supermarkets were so friendly – to Sydneysiders like us, this was such a lovely change and really made our stay special. We even started looking at Real Estate in the area as we could definitely see ourselves living in such a gorgeous area full of history and lovely people. Not to mention its only a short drive to Daylesford!
    Definitely recommended – and Lisa (our host) was lovely 🙂

    • Hi Rebecca, We’re very glad to hear that you enjoyed your apartment and visiting Ballarat – the entire area is absolutely steeped with history! We will be passing all your feedback on to the team at the resort. Best of luck with your real estate search, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you, Ilona.

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