Our resorts are the best going

We decided that we wanted to do something different for our holiday so we went to the US. I had the opportunity to get a cheap holiday in Florida so I decided to incorporate it with a Wyndham holiday.

We set out from Brisbane for our 13 hour flight to LA, and then waited for our connecting flight to Orlando.

We had a brilliant week in Orlando with a trip to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, wrapping it up.

We were then off to Fort Lauderdale.

Afterwards we flew to Las Vegas and our stay at Wyndham Spencer Street Resort.

We arrived the day that our daughter turned 21. What a great place to celebrate.

Vegas is everything that it is wrapped up to be. The lights and the characters on the street are absolutely fantastic.

Spencer Street is about 5 minutes from ‘The Strip’ and there is a courtesy bus that leaves every hour and returns at fifteen minutes past the hour up until 11pm every night.

The staff at the resort were the friendliest that we came across in the States. Nothing was a problem for them and they even arranged a trip to the Grand Canyon. What a brilliant day.

My advice, if you want to go anywhere make sure that you use your Wyndham Credits, our resorts are the best going.


What was your experience?

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