Tales from a serial holidayer

The photo I took with my own underwater camera - it's going straight to the Pool Room!

Hello, my name’s Andrew and I’m a serial holidayer.  I’ve been all over the world with my family; there’s five of us and we have paid a zillion dollars to do it.  Whilst in Fiji in January, we stayed in a resort next to the Wyndham and paid a fortune to do it.  A two bedroom place here has cost us a mint, but having said that, we are still having a great time.

We went along to the Wyndham presentation and once I actually worked out what we have paid over the last five years on holidays for accommodation, I realised what a great deal becoming a property owner would be.  So we signed up and now are Owners.

My Sales Rep (Lutu) asked where our first holiday with Wyndam would be; “Where in the world will you go?” he asked.  I told him we would go to Port Douglas because we have always wanted to see and experience the Great Barrier Reef.  Also, I am a keen Scuba Diver.

“Thats awesome,” said Lutu. “Have you dived in Fiji?” he asked.  I said “Yes many times,” and he then inquired, “Have you dived with the sharks in Fiji?”

I told him I hadn’t but I was super keen. “Can you let me know the details?” I asked, and with that Lutu organised a brochure for me.  I booked the scuba dives with the sharks that day; and the very next day at 29 metres below sea level I was diving with 4 metre long Bull Sharks in Fiji.

Not only did he sell me a Wyndham Ownership, but he got me organised to dive with the Bull Sharks in Fiji.  What a guy.

The dive was an experience that will live with me forever… oh yeah, I did make it back so I will be able to enjoy future Wyndham Holidays.

Thanks Lutu.


What was your experience?

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