Egypt Club Tour, February 2012

Please let us say Thank You so much for the wonderful holiday that you spent such a lot of time organising for us. We really appreciate the efforts that you put into all the details of the holiday, the result was fantastic.  We didn’t have to worry about what was happening or how we were going to get to the airport or any of those sorts of details.  Everything was in place and all flowed seamlessly together so the end result was simply a fantastic holiday. 

The members of the tour group were all great (we have never laughed until we cried so much on a holiday), and everyone was so helpful and caring.  Full credit also for giving us Mohamed as our Guide and Tour Leader.  His passion as an Egyptologist meant that we learnt a huge amount about the history and culture of Egypt. His ability to understand and interact with our sometimes warped Australian sense of humour meant that with that learning came a lot of laughter and sometimes some quite irreverent jokes.  He, together with the rest of the tour group and tour personnel, all combined to create an outstanding cache of unforgettable holiday memories.

Please pass along our thanks also to all the others who worked so hard: the Spring Tour staff, the Bus Drivers, the crew onboard the Tosca and all the others who showed us outstanding hospitality and made us feel so welcome.  The sound of “Yallah Yallah Pharaohs” will long live on in our memories.

Once again thank you so much for all your help and hard work.  It was amazing and we really appreciate it.

Michael and Lesley

(For more information about current Club Tous, please contact Travel by Wyndham).

What was your experience?

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