Random Act of Kindness

Denarau Island, Fiji: The adventure starts with our elegant morning wedding and a relaxed champagne brunch reception. The heartfelt smiles of our guests are captured by our photographer. We float through the day and at dinner time we strike up conversation with people at another restaurant table. We start by asking about their day (secretly hoping they would ask about ours! Which they did…). Conversation and wine flows freely.

After a few hours, our acquaintances ready themselves to leave. They wish us well for our Fiji honeymoon and we say our goodbyes.

The next ‘random act of kindness’ set the mood for a memorable honeymoon – when we attempt to pay for our meal we discovered that our new acquaintances had given us a wedding gift – they had paid for our meal and quietly left! (We never had the chance to say thank you, or even know if they were secretly hiding waiting to see our reactions!)

We plan to relive our honeymoon and return to Fiji in 2012. We look forward to seeing those gorgoeus sunsets again – and if we see the lovely couple whilst we are there – this time dinner will be on us!

Sharmane & Scott

2 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness

  1. Bula,
    Sharmane & Scott, leave your visit until maybe next year 2013 when the renovations will be finished……..everyone seems to be hiding whilst all the reno’s are going on….hopefully also the kids club will be more active just like the Radison Kids Club….Fee’s as well, that’s if you are heading that way.

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