2012 Learn to Surf with Layne VIP Owner Event

Susan with surfing champion & proud Wyndham ambassador, Layne Beachley

Susan and I would like to thank Layne for her time and all the staff that were involved in the organisation of this great special event. This event has created an exciting and lasting memory for us while also creating new friendships with Owners and people we meet on the way.

This Sydney Owner Event from my perspective was a celebration point for our lives, we have 8 children (that have now all left home) and 5 grandchildren. Now we are starting another exciting chapter in our lives. My vision for Susan regarding this event was to honour her for her loving partnership, grace and womanhood to me and the children. I am also greatly honoured that all the people we were with are now part of this life time memory.

From a light supper, sightseeing, learning to surf, dinner on the harbour and breakfast with Layne, the most memorable part for me was to see how Susan was so excited to meet Layne, Wyndham Owners that were with us, guests from Korea (you had to be there) and staff members.

Susan & Paul

We not only did the fun stuff but we shared special one on one moments with Layne and others that will be etched in our memories for the rest or our lives.

We feel greatly blessed to be part of the Wyndham family to participate in this event and to share this experience with those in the VIP Owner Event. We are looking forward to the next event.

Paul & Susan

What was your experience?

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