A Terrific Trifecta Trip

WorldMark Cascade Lodge, Whistler

Keren and I have been on many wonderful holidays, but imagine our delight when staying at three fantastic WorldMark Resorts in the one trip to Canada.

First stop was Whistler, not only home to the 2010 Winter Olympics and magnet for snow skiers from around the world, but also an equally popular summer-time destination.

Cascade Lodge was so comfortable and homely that to avoid venturing out was tempting, but joining a local guide on a bear viewing tour was well worth it.  “Michael” has named and instantly recognises every wild black bear in the local area and has such an infectious love of these magnificent creatures that we learnt and enjoyed every minute with him (including a more formal evening photo presentation.)

Butchart Gardens

Whilst sad to leave the centrally positioned Cascade Lodge, it was exciting to travel by bus, ferry and bus through wonderful scenery as we headed to WorldMark Victoria on wonderful Vancouver Island.  Victoria has such a variety of attractions from the very ‘regal’ Empress Hotel, to the most beautiful and exquisite Butchart Gardens, to a multitude of wildlife adventures.  Our lovely suite, within walking distance of so many attractions, had an expansive view of North America’s second busiest airport  –  Victoria Harbour.  We could easily have spent many hours simply watching the sea planes endlessly landing and taking off from ‘our’ section of the harbour. There are more than 46,000 such take-offs per year!!

Whistler scenery

To complete our trifecta we headed into the heart of Vancouver to stay at WorldMark’s The Canadian.  The views (from our 22nd floor of this CBD complex) gave us a great understanding of the city’s layout.  We love our home harbour in Sydney, but Vancouver’s harbour, particularly when seen from Stanley Park, runs a very close second!

We can’t separate any one of these resorts as being better than the others  –  they are all so spacious, in great locations and wonderfully appointed, with friendly staff on hand with knowledgeable advice on nearby activities, transport and eateries.

Minimum stays at each resort were not an issue.  Due to their reasonably close proximity to one another, it was no trouble to enjoy our three stays on consecutive periods.

Howard & Keren

What was your experience?

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