Soothing for the soul

With my pulse racing, we finally landed in Nadi.  We made it through customs and we entered the world of Fiji.  Smiling Fijians every-where, the smell of flowers, dust and heat hit the senses and a new world evolved.  We are on holidays, it makes your mind run wild with all the things that you can do.

Upon arrival at Wyndham Resort, we were greeted with the warm welcome that became a natural daily occurrence.  Once checked in we were taken to our apartment, wow, this is fantastic, it had everything we wanted.

Finally unpacking and knowing that you don’t have to pack for another 10 days is fabulous.  The first thing we did was get the bathers on and go for a swim.  What a pool, slowly swimming in the lovely surrounds really calms you down.  People were everywhere enjoying the pool, kids doing activities, people reading and relaxing, very soothing for the soul.  Up and out of the pool into the ocean, with its lovely swell of waves, just to float around feeling one with the water and earth.

Exploring the resort we found lovely alcoves of plants and flowers, the restaurant, front office with information centre and shop.

Having dinner in the restaurant was very relaxed and everything we anticipated, great food, relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff made our meal exceptional.

We explored Nadi town and found the same friendliness everywhere.  Great bargains to be had, wonderful food and great service.

Well, our last day finally arrived. Packing was a sad affair saying goodbye to the people we had met, the staff who were wonderful in every aspect.

Arrival home, and we are planning our next holiday back in Fiji as our first visit was just amazing and we want to experience the joy of returning to Fiji, to the land of gentle people who are just wonderful.

Congratulations Wyndham Resort for making our holiday and future holidays the best we have had.


What was your experience?

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