WorldMark makes travelling great!

Collage by Gary and Thora

I have been reading mailbox in the Destinations Magazine and have been impressed by the comments made which reflect the real joy and satisfaction experienced by WorldMark Owners.

We have been Owners since 2001 and have also experienced the same satisfaction, but I wonder how many Owners, when they use their membership, get the most benefit available.

We are aggressive users of our points and also use the RCI and ICE Vacation facilities to full advantage. We have found that it is advantageous to be a Privileges member and have sufficient points to allow you real options.

We returned from a recent holiday together with our daughter to celebrate my wife’s 70th  birthday and our 46th wedding anniversary, which included San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Boston, Niagara Falls, Canadian Rockies (Lake Louise,Banff and Canmore), Whistler and Vancouver. We then took the inside passage cruise to Alaska aboard a 5 star liner using the ICE Vacation component that was available to us on a 2 for 1 fare basis.

Needless to say that all resorts were up to the standard we have come to expect from WorldMark and RCI, and the staff were always most helpful.

This type of holiday would have been beyond our budget if we had not been a WorldMark member and used all our options to see these iconic destinations.

We used points to stay at Las Vegas, New York State, Canmore, Whistler and Vancouver, which meant that our out of pocket expenses for accommodation were kept to a minimum. Due to the savings achieved we were able to “shout” ourselves some additional treats such as a night in the Hilton hotel in Niagara Falls with a room overlooking the falls and a night in a classy hotel in Boston with a lobster dinner.

The cruise is an exceptional experience, which was a good way to finish the holiday……. oops forget to mention that we had a week in Hawaii using points on the way home as we needed the rest.

Get active and happy holidays!

Gary and Thora

What was your experience?

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