Just what the doctor ordered: A South Pacific adventure

We were ready to say goodbye to 2010 as it had been a nightmare for us.

We were due to leave on a cruise on 23 February 2010, however life dealt us a curve ball. Geoff suffered two strokes on the 19th of February, followed by two blood clots in his lungs five days later. After a very lucky escape, the next three months were spent with Geoff in full time rehabilitation, followed by a further 9 months of two days a week rehab visits to Shenton Park. Geoff’s new motto in life is he is looking at the shoots and not the roots and there are a lot of others far worse off than he is.

In September 2010, we jumped at the chance to have a couple of days away in DunsboroughWe both desperately needed a break. Spending time away together hasbecome even more important to us now and over that weekend we ended up joining Wyndham, which was the best decision we ever made.

In March 2011, we took our first Wyndham vacation to Denarau Island, Fiji.  Wow.

What a trip we had.  When we arrived early at our accommodation the staff were amazing and they were always there to lend a hand if we needed it. The accommodation was fantastic.

Fiji is an amazing place. The Fijians are the most friendly people we have ever had the privilege to meet.

We wanted to see and experience as much as we could, so we decided to take a few tours.  We took a helicopter flight to see the incredible views from the air.  I can’t wait to go back and take another flight.

We also decided to do something a little different, we went Zip lining. What an adrenalin rush.  The Zip Line Guides helped Geoff all the way. It was a credit to them the way they assisted him to make sure he was able to experience this exhilarating ride like everyone else.  One of the guides even ended up Zip Lining with him the last few segments of the ride.

Next on the list came snorkelling.  We decided that we wanted to take a cruise to the islands and perhaps even go snorkelling.  Well once again we were amazed at how helpful the guides on the cruise were.  They gave Geoff a buoy to keep him afloat. Geoff only has use of one hand so this was another challenge for him.  I’m not exactly a strong swimmer either, so I asked if they had a spare float that I could use.  Once we were kitted up with snorkels, flippers and floats, one of the guides came into the water with us and pulled Geoff around so he could take in the wonderful sights of the fish and coral beneath us and we got to feed the fish, just like everyone else on the tour.

The adventure didn’t stop there.  We took another tour, this time a jet boat ride to Sigatoka, where we got to visit a traditional village and experience how the Fijians live.  What an experience.  A Kava Ceremony, Fijian food and dancing with the locals. WOW.

This would have to be the best holiday we have ever had, thanks to the people of Fiji.

We are going back to Fiji in March 2012 and can’t wait to catch up with some very special friends we made whilst there.

We are also looking forward to all the amazing holidays to come that we will have with Wyndham.

Kaye & Geoff

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