Incredible Hawaii

WorldMark made an impossible adventure a reality.

I needed to go to Hawaii for a study cohort and wanted my husband to share the opportunity to explore this exotic playground.  Once our intentions reached other members of the family, the ball started rolling.

Since there is a WorldMark resort on the island of Maui that became our home base for planning. We booked a two bedroom apartment and my brother and sister-in-law, and twin sister joined my husband and I for a family experience.  We enjoyed comfort and style as we had fun together for 4 days.  My husband and I travelled from Papua New Guinea and our siblings from various states in America.

We were situated very near to the beach at the resort and enjoyed swims and relaxation there, a tour of the island with lots of photo taking and a memorable trip up steep roads to the crater of a volcano where we learnt of geological facts.  We also were fascinated as we visited the aquarium nearby.

The WorldMark resort made all this financially viable, as we indulged in swimming, chatting in the spa and laughing over the barbeques.  Thank you WorldMark!


What was your experience?

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