The Denarau Experience

We have been regular visitors to this unique South Pacific Resort of WorldMark Fiji since we became owners six years ago. Our eight days of pleasant stay at this magnificent location this time were really spectacular for various reasons.

Firstly, we were there with our son Roy (42) and two grand children, Elliott (9) and Charlotte (5), who were mesmerized by the pleasant atmosphere of this peaceful and interesting location.

Secondly, it was our forty-eighth wedding anniversary and our 72nd birthday year, a great reason for celebration and relaxation.

Thirdly, despite the summer heat and some rain, our stay at Denarau was very enjoyable, warm and pleasant, all because of the superb service we received from the Customer Service Team of various highly empathetic, skilled and enthusiastic people who were always eager and willing to serve us with their famous Fijian hospitality and smile that provided us the greatest tender loving care.

The welcome night was an excellent event because of the various well organized and skillfully structured  programs and dances. There was plenty to drink, eat and enjoy at the evening, which made us feel at home in spite of the distance from Brisbane.

Then the team that provided us with updates about all the recent developments at the resort was very up to date with precise information that was very useful indeed. All their presentations were carefully controlled and managed.

The melodious music and the songs of the talented singers at the front desk and around the spacious pools were very pleasant and soothing. These provided us with an atmosphere of relaxation and an unique ambience.

Nothing could have been better for all of us than to enjoy what we were so willingly offered over the eight memorable days. The apartment was spacious, neat and tidy. The facilities were more than adequate and the whole atmosphere was glorious and comfortable.

We loved every minute of our Denarau Experience and would definitely keep returning to enjoy that unique hospitality and great service.

We sincerely thank the people who serve WorldMark Resort at Denarau with diligence.

Ralm and Saroj 

What was your experience?

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