Rotorua Wonderland

After not having a break from Christchurch and earthquakes we decided to escape to Rotorua.

All three of us jumped on a plane and flew to Wellington. We had a leisurely drive to Rotorua with a night’s stopover in the wonderful wee town of Napier.

When we arrived at Marama Resort, just out of Rotorua, we were greeted by the friendly receptionist. She gave us a list of things to do along with prices. Our unit was perfectly set up with everything we needed. Our son quickly found the tennis court which was of a high quality. Every night of our stay was spent with at least an hour of tennis and then the spa to relax. The night we dined at the resort, the quality of food and service was great.

The next day we had a fantastic time in Rotorua itself; up the hill on the gondola and down several times on the luge. The scenery was fantastic and the luge was fun for all ages.
Next, off on a day trip for a ski on the volcano. The weather was picture perfect and skiers had excellent afternoon zooming down the slopes. Then back to Marama Resort to sit in the spa pool to relax.

Wednesday was spent golfing on one of the many local golf courses. The locals and staff were friendly and helpful. that night we had a good time mingling with the other guests at happy hour.

Thursday was down to Taupo stopping for geysers, mud pools, unique thermal scenery and the Huka falls. When we got to Lake Taupo we could not resist the fun of hitting a few golf balls into the lake with the chance to win $10,000.00 for a hole in one. Back to Rotorua for local hot pools. Last day, Friday, was spent golfing on another of the local golf courses.

We regretfully had to go back to shaky Christchurch on Saturday after really enjoying our stay. We are determined to return as so much more to do. We just did not not have enough time to do everything the area has to offer.


What was your experience?

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