Our travels with WorldMark

My wife and I joined WorldMark about 5 years ago, impressed by the presentation, but wondering whether the reality would match the dream.

For the first year or so we built up our Credits, as my wife was still working and we were virtually restricted to school holiday periods, which were then interspersed with the arrival of grandchildren.

We started, or rather our daughter started, the ball rolling by staying at the Sydney apartments, prior to an overseas trip in 2007. She spoke in glowing terms how beautiful the rooms were and how well located it was.

We finally took the plunge ourselves in 2008 to Denarau Island, Fiji. The dream became reality. What a magnificent venue. How could it get better than this?

We have since visited Sydney, Golden Beach, Flynn’s Beach in 2009. Lakes Entrance, Kirra Beach, Denarau Island Fiji and Ballarat in 2010. In 2011, we visited Ramada Hervey Bay in March before taking the trip of a lifetime to Canada / Alaska.

We flew to Los Angeles and stayed at a WorldMark venue ‘Solvang’  for 4 nights (a stunning Danish period village  a few hours north of LA).

Marita with youngest Grandchild at Kirra

We drove the coast road, Highway 1, up to San Francisco and stayed at the WorldMark venue there, again 4 nights. Magnificent location. Flew to Victoria, British Columbia to pick up the Canada / Alaska 18 tour / cruise. At the end of the tour we spent 3 nights in WorldMark Seattle (loved the older period decor and again superbly located) before returning home.

By using our WorldMark Credits for accommodation in Solvang, San Francisco, Seattle; car hire from LA to San Fran; internal flights San Fran to Victoria and Seattle to LA we halved the overall cost of the trip. Outstanding!

Thought it couldn’t get any better than this!

Family fun at MovieWorld, Gold Coast

In July this year, we took our oldest son, daughter in law and our 3 grandsons to Kirra. They were amazed by the venue, which is one of our favourites too. The grandkids said it was the best holiday ever – beach, pool, spa, theme parks. My wife and I were amazed at how much energy three children between 1 and 7 can suck out of their grandparents in a week. We had to come home for a rest, recharge our batteries and get ready for a twosome holiday at a much reduced level of activity.

It may have taken us a while to commence our WorldMark journey, but now both retired, we look forward to visiting all the WorldMark venues in the South Pacific AND THE WORLD.

Gary & Marita

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