Following the pied piper

For more than 5 years we had travelled regularly to Fiji staying mainly in hotels on Denerau Island. Then on our fifth year we were lucky enough to attend a Wyndham Resort presentation. What we liked most about the Wyndham in Fiji was the spacious apartment living and as they are self contained the fact that we could cook our own meals when we wanted, as well as saving some money at the same time, as parents will know 3 meals a day at a restaurant for a family of 4 can soon add up.

We joined up to Wyndham and have been members now for over 4 years. The real special thing about the resort is that each July school holidays we return to find the same families from around Australasia we met on our last journey have also returned. This means our kids have built lasting special friendships with other kids from around the world, an experience you don’t get when you stay in hotels. It’s like the same exciting feeling of returning to the same camping ground annually that I experienced with my parents as a child, however as most of these in New Zealand have now been developed, an experience I haven’t been able to replicate until now with my own children.

The photo is of my son Conor on the left and his friend Thomas from Sydney. At the resort each night the Fijian warrior runs around the resort lighting the gas fired lanterns. The young kids are fascinated by this and a constant stream of kids follow him like he’s the pied piper. On this day the staff offered to dress my son and Thomas as warriors and for them to lead the fire lighting ceremony. After an hour of preparation they proudly ran from lantern to lantern to the delight of the other guests. A night my son will never forget and an example of the extra mile staff at Wyndham go to make the Owner experience more memorable than staying at a global hotel chain.


What was your experience?

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