Ballarat for a small holiday

During the June holidays, Grandma took Lauren and me to Ballarat for a small holiday. We were very excited to be staying at the Wyndham Resort where we have stayed before with our cousins. When we walked in, the lady was busy with other guests so we had a look around the beautiful grounds. It was freezing in Ballarat so when the lady showed us to our room, my first thought was thank goodness the room is nice and warm.

That night we went to Sovereign Hill to see Blood on the Southern Cross.  Last time we stayed, we went to Sovereign Hill during the day. It is a great place to visit and you can see how people used to live in the gold rush times.

It was raining the next day but we were able to borrow some equipment and play snakes and ladders, hopscotch and chess (we played draughts) on the outside games. I went down the orange snake four times. Not happy Alannah!!! We also played in the inside games room and borrowed some DVDs to watch in our room. Grandma took us for a walk around the lake at the resort between the showers. It looked like it was going to overflow. You can also go out on it in paddle boats.

Lauren and I were sad to leave Ballarat as it is one of the best places we have stayed and the staff are very friendly and helpful.  We have also stayed at Wyndham Dunsborough and Perth and enjoyed our time there too.

Alannah (10 years old)

2 thoughts on “Ballarat for a small holiday

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