Celebrating our son’s 18th birthday

To celebrate our son’s 18th birthday and the fact he was finishing grade 12 we wanted to do something special. For 2 years we stored our Credits and started planning how we could have the most amazing time before our son went off to university.  So we traded some of our Credits with the sister company ICE – which is the international cruising company- and booked 3 balcony cabins for a one week cruise of Alaska and the Inside passage.  Because we were able to book up to 4 cabins with our Credits we were able to invite our children’s grandparents along for the adventure.

If you have never done this – bucket list it- because it was amazing.  After arriving back in Vancouver we headed off to Whistler to a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment with a balcony overlooking the valley below and the mountains surrounding us.  We headed off to the Olympic village and went on the world’s longest cross mountain gondola.  This was the first time my children had seen snow and had the chance to play in it so needless to say there was some snow thrown.  We hired a car and ventured further on our own to see the amazing countryside.

We went to a farm were we could pick raspberries and strawberries as well as other fruit and vegetables.  We then returned to Vancouver and went where every family must want to go at least once – Disneyland!  We spent another week here too.  The grandparents had their own studio and we as a family had a fully self contained 3 bedroom apartment 2 blocks from Disneyland.  We were able to go to the roof top at night and watch the fire works show from Disneyland.  The hotel was amazing and within easy walking distance from Disneyland and a shopping precinct.

All this from saving our Credits and bringing forward some Credits.  Now we are saving for our next child who will graduate grade 12 soon.  She likes the thought of Mexico and I like the idea of returning to Alaska and Disneyland.  All of this will be possible with saving our Credits and good planning. My children and my family will have memories now to last a life time.  I am also glad for the time my children had to experience this with their grandparents.

Gill and David 

2 thoughts on “Celebrating our son’s 18th birthday

    • Hi Carol- We of course had some cash outlay for the airfares and cruise but all the accommodation was covered and the fares on the cruise reduced. We saved 2 years worth and advanced some from the following year so that was about 35-45000 points. But consider that this covered accommodation for 7 people with separate accommodation for the grandparents in annaheim

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