Welcome aboard your flight to Fiji!

A couple of years ago we decided to use our WorldMark Credits and stay in one of the overseas resorts for the first time.  We had been to Caloundra, Kirra Beach, Sydney, Perth, Dunsborough, Hervey Bay and Tasmania which had all been great stays.  What made this special is that we were taking my In-Laws overseas for their very first time – and they had no idea where we were going.  Although Steve, the kids and I had been overseas several times, Steve’s parents didn’t even have a passport and had only been on a plane once or twice.  We  helped organise their passports, and travelling in May, let them know to pack for warmish weather and not to forget their togs.

We managed to keep the secret, at the airport, and then until we boarded the plane and a voice of the loud speaker said “Welcome Aboard your flight to Nadi, Fiji!”

They were both of course incredibly excited.  On arrival, our room was large and spacious and they loved the whole self contained set up.  We did a big grocery shop for the week and went to the nice butcher on the way to Denarau Island.  The staff at the resort were always so friendly and helpful.

The kids loved spending most of the day in the pool and we enjoyed the luxuries of the laid back life style and the bar located so conveniently in the pool also.  We did our day trips, had our massages and our daughter had her hair braided, enjoyed the toad races and loved the meals in the restaurant.  The whole week was awesome and none of us wanted to fly back.  We are all looking forward to a return trip as it was one of the best relaxing holidays I have ever been on.


What was your experience?

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