Seven Mile Beach and the Huon Valley – December winner!

In September our family of four had another great stay at
WorldMark Seven Mile Beach
, this time eight days of school holidays.  We were thrilled to see how much all the gardens have grown since construction of all the new units finished a couple of years ago.  With all the native plants around the units, plus healthy lawn areas it was amazing to go for evening walks and meet the local Pademelons and other wildlife around the resort.  As always it was a lovely place to relax and be together as a family and also a well located base for plenty of day trip options.

On this trip we got a bit more adventurous and took two days away to explore the Huon Valley, we stayed overnight at the Tahune Lodge which opened earlier this year (however the guest book told us that we weren’t the first WorldMark Owners as Leanne and Greg from Qld also took a night away from their Seven Mile Beach holiday to do this in June).  If you want an introduction to the forests that make Tasmania the natural state, the Tahune AirWalk and surrounds is a fantastic place to visit that doesn’t require bushwalking experience.  Being the only people staying at the Tahune Lodge that night meant we got the special experience of being up on the 40 metre high AirWalk in the evening watching stars and listening to the river and night sounds totally by ourselves and the next morning, before anyone else arrived, we had a walk in a cloud hanging around the treetops.

The other tourist highlight was heading further south to Hastings and the Dolomite Caves and 28 degree thermal pool.

However, as well as these tourist attractions there was a very personal reason for the trip, my grandparents, now 92 and 85, used to live in Geeveston and Castle Forbes Bay and work in the Apple Shed and Orchards.  As a child I used to spend a week or two of summer holidays with them at Geeveston.  So this was an opportunity to share with my children part of the family heritage.  Later it was great to share our pictures with my grandparents – they may not be very good at remembering what has happened recently, but the photos brought back memories from decades ago, it was a moving time for my children to hear stories from their great grandparents about their youth and working life.

Phil, Louise, Cameron and Joanna

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