A ‘World Class’, well run and well oiled machine

Warm and friendly staff, beautifully appointed large apartments, polished and professional administration from every aspect of this fantastic Company.

We have been with WorldMark/Wyndham for years, using it often and creating very enjoyable memories all over Australia.  Recently however, we did a cruise around the Caribbean, calling in at Ocho Rios – Jamaica, Labadee – Haiti  and Nassau – Bahamas then came back to Miami, flew to LA, hired a SUV and headed to our first port of call,  WorldMark apartment in Solvang.

We arrived around midnight for our WorldMark experience.  We were greeted warmly by the 24 hour staff and from what we could see in the dark it was a beautifully appointed place and our apartment was the size of some homes.   We felt extremely comfortable and at ease and enjoyed every aspect of the thoughtful design, the standard of appliances and the thoroughness of WorldMark in making sure every creature comfort that we expected and needed was there.  After a magnificent night sleep and waking up to the views of snow capped mountains we didn’t know were there, the fog in the valley, so beautiful, and the most magnificently Danish characterised little township complete with its windmills, houses and shops, then to walk outside and look back to appreciate the unique 2 or 3 storey architecture of the WorldMark apartments that we were in.

After three days there we headed off to Reno which was another two or three hundred miles of desert, snow and trucks, all the time looking forward to the next WorldMark destination, wondering if it could be as good as the last one.  As it turns out we are starting to get into a bit of a pattern, arriving midnight, and once again experiencing the same warm reception.    We went to our room and sure enough even though it was in a ten storey building, size wasn’t compromised and it had all the same ammenities and similar decor which kind of gave us the feeling of just coming home again, now this is really starting to grow on us. At night this was quite a different outlook being a city, colourful and intriguing, then as morning broke there were the snow covered mountains that we had come through.

Spent three days here and had our first snow fight, loved every second, then headed for Midway in Utah, another few hundred miles of spectacular scenery on fantastic, uninterrupted freeways and despite our best laid plans, arrived there after midnight and of course still got all the friendly greetings and assistance which was most appreciated after finding our way through Salt Lake City in the dark.   This was yet another beautifully appointed and cosy atmosphere even with the balcony and barbeque covered in snow, backed up by a few leafless trees, also holding snow, giving us that ‘just walked into a Christmas Card’ feel, naturally we had to do a barbeque in these conditions, though very cold, still tasted good.  The other thing we had to do was go into the hot spa and the pool which was adjacent to reception some 50 metres away, the fun part was being in our bathers and towels running through the snow to get there.  We did get their attention when we said that we were just wearing our thongs (they aren’t footwear in the States).

We had a fabulous and fun time here,  fluffy white snow, frozen lakes with the fishermen fishing through holes they had made in the ice, deers roaming around in the snow, snow plough coming through each morning, and from the warm cosy apartment we could watch the snow plough clearing the roads and also the car park underneath us. We were here for almost a week, not only because we loved being there, but we had business to do at their Head Office in Provo with the Company we have been with for five years called Tahitian Noni International – wellness products, whose Conference we were at on the Cruise.

We headed then for St. George and about forty to fifty miles into the trip we finished up in a snow storm which became a blizzard, we had to follow the tyre marks of the truck we were following in front of us, it was dark, couldn’t pull over as we couldn’t see the side of the road, couldn’t read signs as they were frozen over and covered in snow, couldn’t turn around as the other half of the freeway had totally disappeared over in the distance somewhere, so we continued following the truck’s tyre tracks in the snow, looking forward to what we had come to enjoy at the next WorldMark Resort and could picture the warm and friendly staff and the warm apartment awaiting us.

We continued on with two icypoles as windscreen wipers and of course frozen washers, but we still managed to see the truck that we were following slowly jack-knife in front of us, which he somehow got back on track, we figured that he was the guy that we would continued to follow as he could certainly drive.    After about hundred miles of this and other trucks jack-knifing, snowploughs, police, spin-offs, we caught a glimpse through the snowed up windscreen of an exit ramp, so took it. There was a Road House there, and when we asked about going on to St. George their response was as they looked out into the blizzard, “Well there are around four hundred truckies here for the night, what do you reckon?”

So we finished getting robbed of a night at a WorldMark destination at St. George, by sleeping in the car with the engine going all night at the Road House in Beaver,  definitely not a WorldMark night. More snow, more trucks, more highway, more miles.  Arrived St. George, again to a  wonderful warm welcome, another magnificent WorldMark destination with huge rooms, magnificent views open gas fire, aaaaaaah, time to relax.   Stayed a few days, caught up with friends, explored the magnificent sights, then again headed off for Las Vegas.

We were equally welcomed with all the usual WorldMark attributes, friendly, helpful, informative staff, the same ambience as all the others, all this making us very proud to be part of such a ‘World Class’, well run and well oiled machine.   After a week or so at this magnificent resort on the strip and very friendly and eventful trips on the shuttle to Caesar’s Palace, which was our drop off point each day, sadly we had to drive back to LA and board the plane back to Australia determined to go back to Las Vegas and complete our adventures there and explore new horizons next time around.

We are certainly looking forward to our next WorldMark jaunt, hopefully in 2012. We just so enjoyed the experience of every aspect. Thank you once again to the staff here for putting the trip together and making it such a wonderful experience for the two of us.

Hope you didn’t get too bored,  but it certainly wasn’t for us, we are recharging for another go.

Bruce and Roselyn 

What was your experience?

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