My memorable holiday

In October 2010, my family and I were lucky enough to travel to Fiji for 2 weeks. The resort was absolutely amazing, and the swim up bar in the humongous pool was quite popular with the kids, who enjoyed sipping virgin strawberry daiquiris, while mum and dad had a few cocktails of their own.

The staff were amazing, everything they did was for our enjoyment, be it the Kids Club, frog races, evening entertainment, or organising a babysitter for a few hours. They are so friendly, I could have packed them in my suitcase and brought them home!!

But it wasn’t just the staff at the resort, it was the people from the local villages you met along the way. We were lucky enough to meet an amazing taxi driver, who showed us some totally amazing places, places off the tourist trail you couldn’t normally see.  We went to a restaurant for lunch, and decided we were going to come back for breakfast. When we were told they didn’t open till lunch time, our driver, Api, spoke to the owner, and she opened 3 hours earlier just for us the following day, just so we could come in for breakfast! We stuck with him for the 2 weeks, and were taken to meet his entire family on our departure. At the airport, he hugged us all, and no word of a lie, he cried when we left.

You need to experience the place for yourself. I am looking forward to going back. There is so much to do, and nothing is too much to ask. I highly recommend it as a family destination. They have the right idea, keep the kids happy, and mum and dad will be happy. The easygoing laid back life style will rub off on you in minutes, and you will be on Fiji Time for weeks to come. It is a place I will never forget, and so far, the best holiday I have ever had!

You just have to go!!


One thought on “My memorable holiday

  1. I have yet to visit Fiji but after reading your report about how friendly the locals are and what sounds like excellent accommodation arrangements, I can’t wait to make plans. I didn’t think such places still exist. Bravo!

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