Wonderful friends in the Wyndham world

It was in 2007 that a friend & I booked with WorldMark Club Tours to Canada Alaska. This was a trip of a lifetime and friends were made from that tour that will be remembered for a lifetime. Our age ranged from 12 to over 60-something, and Shayne & Ty were on their honeymoon. What memories we have & what moments we shared.

Many emails were sent back & forth as we kept in touch with each other, and stories were told over & over. I thought it was time to get us all together again & share our lives & past stories of our 2007 Canada Alaska Tour.

It was in May 2010 at Wyndham Flynns Beach Resort Port Macquarie that we all (except for 2 couples) met up again. Oh the weekend went so quickly and we shared all our photos & memories of 2007 in the Recreation Room at Flynns Beach. Yes our group had been extended, as Shayne & Ty had Chloe with them.

It was just like we had remained friends and have now become like a big family. This year in May, 14 for us went to Wyndham Ballarat for our 2nd reunion. We met every night in the Recreation Room with the fire burning and again caught up with what has happened in our lives, arranging our daily tours. This is how we met Gerry & Marjorie Costello from Oregan, USA. They had arrived at Ballarat very last that night & had no transport to get around Ballarat so Neil & Pam said, “Come with us” and they joined our daily outings & tours, so we added more friends to our family. You can only do that with wonderful friends in the Wyndham WORLD.

Our 3rd Reunion will be in May 2013, so our family will all met again at the wonderful Wyndham Resort in Fiji. Thank you Wyndham for the memorable time & the friendships we have made!


What was your experience?

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