Escape from the cyclone

This is not just a story of a magnificent resort, but also the staff that work there.

Our long awaited holiday to Denarau Island in Fiji began in January 2009, and within hours of our arrival we were already relaxed and very excited as to what the next eight days would bring.

It is now history that the weather on the west coast of Fiji turned for the worse on Wednesday 7th. By Friday morning the feeling among guests gathering at reception was not good. This was more than “just a storm”.

Anxiety among all resorts was rising and nobody believed they were getting out, not for a few days anyway.

Thank God we had a General Manager who remained calm and organised at all times. Whilst Glenn was doing his best to get people out safely, he also showed great concern for the welfare of his staff – “his beautiful Fijian staff”.

Through the use of a 4 x 4 Toyota, Glenn was able to get the four of us and many other guests out of Denarau to catch our plane at 3.15pm. We were very lucky, because 108 people from other resorts missed the flight.

The 4 x 4 ride out seemed like an adventure at the time, but it wasn’t until we were airborne that we saw the devastation caused by the flooding. Our hearts went out to the locals. One of the first things that grabs you when you travel to Fiji is the beautiful nature of the Fijians. It gave us comfort to think Glenn was in charge, and was caring for his staff as well as his resort.

Our son, Ryan, was heading to the resort on March 18th for his honeymoon. He became very nervous and wanted to cancel when he heard of the cyclone and devastating floods. After a phone call to Glenn a week after we had arrived home we were reassured that Ryan and Lisa’s honeymoon would still be the dream holiday they both deserve, and it was. The resort was immaculate and showed no signs of the cyclone that had torn through the area only eight weeks before.

After our son’s arrival home I wrote this story for the Wyndham managers at head office to read and to give praise to Glenn. He went above the call of duty in serving his guests and showed great concern to his magnificent staff.

Greig and Julie

One thought on “Escape from the cyclone

  1. What a heartwarming story! We have been to Fiji but not to Denarau Island before however after reading this story I will be sure to consider booking here as it is wonderful to hear that there are people like Glen who go above and beyond their duties to ensure clientels safety and peace of mind. Well done Glen!

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