A Much Needed Getaway

My husband and I joined Wyndham about 4 years ago. We used our Credits to stay in Ballarat for our honeymoon and spent a night or two every year at The Outram as well as a few getaways with the girls to Dunsborough. I had always tried to get the most out of our credits and relished the opportunity to get away in luxury.

No time more than Easter this year. My husband and I had split up in February. It was not an easy time (is it ever?) and by April, I just needed to get away from everything. I wracked my brain thinking of how I was going to get away… Fiji? Too expensive. Bali? Too crowded. Europe? Too far. Then it hit me, where do I go where I always feel relaxed, the minute I hit the tree-lined Caves Rd? Where do I feel so at home I never want to leave? Where can I find a stretch of beach all to myself to watch the tumultuous ocean in the middle of winter right outside my door? Dunsborough.  My friend was in the same boat and has no family in Perth so when I asked if she wanted to go ‘Down South’ for a relaxing weekend she jumped at the chance.

The count down to our little get away was excruciating as time just seemed to slow down to a snails place in the weeks leading up to Easter. Finally Good Friday was upon us! We rose at the crack of dawn, loaded my little pink car with as much as we could fit, had our hot cross buns and got on the road.  After four hours of laughing, singing and chatting, we were in Dunsborough sitting on the beach basking in the sun.

We made our way slowly to the hotel and checked in. I have never had as warm a welcome as I do when I arrive at the Wyndham resort in Dunsborough. The moment I step into that opulent foyer, I smile. I feel like this is my place, THIS is where I’m meant to be.

We hauled our car load of luggage up to the room and cracked open the first (of many) bottles of wine, turned on some music and sat out on the balcony in the sun over looking the bush. This was going to be a great weekend….

The room was beautiful (as always) and my friend felt like we were truly spoiling ourselves to stay in such luxury. We laughed, we cried, we drank, we did each others’ nails and hair and make up. We headed down to the pool and went for a dip and then spent the rest of the day drip drying on the balcony with a bottle of wine. For the first time in a long time we both felt relaxed, carefree and happy. It was like that 4 hours drive took us to another world. Without Wyndham, I wouldn’t have been able to do this, I wouldn’t have been able to give myself the time out I needed. I would have stayed in the city and gone mad. Thank you Wyndham. My little once a year ‘Down South’ trips are always exactly what I need. I’m thankful that I fought to keep the membership in the split and I look forward to my Dunsborough getaways for many years to come!


What was your experience?

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