In Love in Fiji

Family holidays are always really important to my husband and I and we love it every time we get away as a family. But this year, we discovered how equally important it is to spend time just with each other without the children.

We have just spent 9 days in Denarau, Fiji at the Wyndham resort and what an amazing time we had. Having a young family of three children under six, life stresses start to get on top of you and you find it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially in winter. Luckily for us, we have a great family network and managed to negotiate 9 days by ourselves in Fiji.

Wow, I thought, what on earth are we going to do for 9 days but it was just perfect. We were like teenagers again and had so much fun. We laughed, talked, went for long walks along the beach, went to the gym together and spent basically every minute of the day together. We don’t get to do those sort of things at home. The most enlightening thing for me was that we actually still got on and really enjoyed each others company and remembered why we did marry each other.

What we love especially about Wyndham Denarau though, is that you can go into Nadi and do all your shopping and cook at home. This way you get to experience the local markets and get to try the local cuisine, and you are still able to keep the costs down by cooking at the resort! The resort offers a different form of entertainment each night, from frog racing to local dancing, movie nights and local cuisine.

We also love that you have so many choices to dine at with all the different resorts available now, along with the new development down at the Port. Going out for dinner for us was a real treat so it was great to have so many places to choose from.

We also hired a car and drove down the coral coast, called into a Fijian village to see the way the Fijians live as you certainly don’t get this experience on Denarau, or the way Fijian’s danced which my husband managed to do very well!

Personally, I have never experienced a Fijian island and would definitely love to do so one day but we love the flexibility of being on Denarau as there is so much to do!

A holiday for us is getting lots of exercise, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, sun and relaxation. Where else could be a more perfect spot than Wyndham, Denarau Fiji! Vinaka!

Wick and Kent 

(collage by Wick)

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