A very special birthday party!

Nearly four years ago, we moved from Europe to Tasmania. This is my husband, our three young children and I plus a container full of things we easily – in hindsight – could have left behind. Tasmania is a wonderful place to live. Clean air, stunning nature and great people. What more does one need? Well, at the start, we did miss our little weekend and midweek escapes all throughout the year. Paris, Rome, a winter break… I guess we just had to live with the memories. Travelling to the mainland is time consuming and expensive. But then we discovered WorldMark, just over a year ago. We were amazed with all the options; all of a sudden we could think of holidaying again! And, the good thing was that we didn’t even have to leave Tasmania.

This year, the WorldMark 7 Mile Beach Resort has almost become a second home to us. We’ve already had four fantastic stays here and there will be more to look forward to! The last one, in July, is definitely one to remember.

I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a special way and was craving for some warmth as it does get pretty cool where we live. So I booked some fun time at the 3 Bedroom Grand, one of the larger and luxurious apartments.

I invited my friends and despite it being a weekday, six of them could make it! We all live in the same rural area in the southern region of Tasmania so we could travel together. Although we all had to go back to work the next morning, we were committed to have a great night. Every one brought some food and drinks to share. We borrowed a large dice from the reception so we could play games. We embraced the warmth, took turns in the spa, shared stories, indulged in amazing food and had sweet dreams in the oh so comfortable beds.

We all got up really early in the morning to enjoy a refreshing beach walk and enjoyed a last coffee in the apartment. And then it was back to real life, back to our children, our partners, our farms, our jobs. But not without promising each other that we will make this outing a yearly event!


What was your experience?

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