No kids at home – grandkids at school – nothing to stop us

Peter was scheduled for prostate surgery in three weeks and had 15 years accumulated sick leave available. At short notice we needed to do something to take his mind off the coming surgery – he is such a wimp! What was available at WorldMark? WorldMark had an Owners’ Information Night at Coorparoo RSL in two nights and we thought that could help us make a few decisions.

Problem solved – if you have ever been to one of those, you know how helpful those Information sessions are. We could split 10 days between Perth and Dunsborough – available early next week! No kids at home – grandkids at school – no babysitting duties – nothing to stop us.

We booked it on the spot; secured tickets on Qantas Frequent Flyer and a Budget hire car the next day and WA Wine country, here we come.

We had never been to WA and friends told us that February was the wrong month to go. How wrong they were; Perth’s is a dry heat and very tolerable, not like muggy Brisbane and the afternoons and nights were mild as soon as the “Doctor” blew.

WorldMark’s The Outram accommodation was superb; its small intimate dining area with fabulous food made our evenings. During the days we went sightseeing on the free “hop on, hop off” red bus right outside the door. We ranged daily as far north as New Norcia and the Pinnacles; the wonderful Swann River region and its great wineries and the fabulous seafood restaurants in Freemantle, stay in our memories.

We then moved on to Dunsborough by the sea; 30 minutes from the Margaret River wineries and all the mysteries they hold. Dunsborough’s accommodation is modern, spacious and its restaurant as good as any the higher priced regional wineries have to offer – and we didn’t have to risk our license (or our lives) on the drive home after a few glasses of red.

Staff were so accommodating. One night we were entertained by 40 beauties around the fabulous pool, vying for a chance to represent their state in some regional beauty pageant. Not something we would normally go to, but this was on the premises, it was free and the WA beauties difficult to separate. Great night, with all the residents joining in the festivities. The camaraderie among staff and guests was memorable and made our stay all that much more enjoyable. Two guests from the UK we met that night have become friends and we crossed their paths daily on the various trips we took for the remainder of our stay.

Peter is well again and we are now planning to revisit – with friends – as there is plenty of room for four in those units.

Peter & Noela 

2 thoughts on “No kids at home – grandkids at school – nothing to stop us

  1. They obviously don’t know how the split means 2 housekeeping charges etc. Too many unknowns with Worldmark. Owners at my like 10th meeting still wanting to know why directions to resorts not sent via confirmation and why we are having to pay for the use of the internet when we are owners in an internet based company?

    • Thank you for your feedback. We have tried to contact you on numerous occasions to assist you with some of the challenges you may have encountered trying to book a holiday, with no success. We would love to be able to help you at your convenience and will try again soon.

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