As we entered the room, darkness filled us with mystery.
What lies ahead, is it cosy or spacious?
Today we create history.
Our first Wyndham resort!

That’s where our story began.
Swimming in the icy cold water of Flynns Beach,
All the while making our short but sweet plan,
Of the sights and smells which we were going to explore.
Slowly driving along tree lined avenues with no flaw or chore.
With nothing to do but adore,
The wonderful sense of a holiday.

Back in our room, we snuggle under the covers after a hard days’ sightseeing.
Relaxation and unstressed are the feelings of being
On holiday.
As we sleep peacefully and worriless in our beds,
We dream nothing but sweet dreams and right away,
We start to replay
The events of the day.

Jumping along the bluey- green water of the Tasman Sea,
That feeling of freedom and joy are back.
And with this we agree,
This is the feeling of a holiday.
Suddenly, our speed boat stops at the sight of something large and black.
We later realise it’s a Humpback Whale!
Excited tourists snap at the giant mammal!
Click, click, click!
Oh what fun we had that fine sunny day!
But soon this would all go away.

Driving up to the lighthouse which sat atop a hill,
I felt the sun warming my cool body, and knew yet again,
That this was the feel of a holiday.
As we overlooked the bay from our spot on that hill,
We listened to the shrill crash! of waves against the gigantic rocks.
Walking along the many tracks, we caught a glimpse of several tourists lain
Sunning themselves while enjoying this fine way to holiday.

Walking the short distance from our resort to Flynns Beach,
We lathered our cooked bodies with sunscreen.
Once we got to the beach my instincts took over and I ran for the water which was just out of reach.
As the cool water washed over me I knew,
That this luxury was fit for a queen.
This luxury of a holiday.

This event ended our adventure at the resort.
We were finished, completed and done.
But it was a bag of fun.
As we checked out at the reception and packed our bags in the car,
I recalled the wave of excitement I felt when we first arrived.
All the events and emotions the last few days had bought.
The mean, the happy, the sad, the angry and even the bizarre!
As we drove out of the city and onto the Western Highway, I said my final goodbye to my beloved Port Macquarie.

– Neha, 12, Year 8

What was your experience?

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