Fiji Friends Forever

After having been on many holidays on our own as a couple and giving away our Vacation Credits to our family members, we decided it was time to share our vacations with our beloved friends … in Fiji. It was a bit of a whirlwind as I got the idea on the same day I got online to check availability of rooms and book flights!

I called the very helpful staff at Wyndham to assist me with my booking and before long, the rooms were booked and we were on our way to Fiji.

Three couples spent a magical week in beautiful, sunny Fiji. We relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the relaxing and lovely atmosphere and also met a few locals who showed us many hidden treasures and food. Our friends were so grateful that we had given them a gift like this and they are really looking forward to the next time!!

(So are fact we are planning the next holiday for the end of 2011!)

Natalia and Matt 

3 thoughts on “Fiji Friends Forever

  1. We have enjoyed the hospitality of Denarau three times now and can’t wait to go back. Our next adventure is in February 2012 we are off to Whistler, looking forward to checking out Cascade Lodge and the snow of course.

  2. I look forward to a holiday in Fiji too!! Cannot wait till it is our turn!!!
    Sounds just what we all need…

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