Words cannot describe

As I live in Canberra Australia and my two older sisters live in Auckland New Zealand and my brother currently in Turangai, I decided to surprise them and have us all stay at the beautiful WorldMark resort at Rotorua NZ.

I have been an Owner since 2008 and have stayed at a number of resorts in Australia and Paihia North Island NZ but the Rotorua Resort is one of my favourite ones.

We were only about 20 minutes from the lovely township of Rotorua where we were able to visit the Buried Village – very impressive – as our great grandfather had a hotel there when the volcano erupted in the 1800s. We also visited stunning Blue and Green Lakes, swam in the hot mineral pools and dined all over town.

The resort as shown in the photo was amazing and we were lucky enough to have an end room surrounded by the quiet and peaceful waters of the channel. Swans and ducks were there daily skimping across the water. The resort was peaceful and quiet and one felt completely relaxed.

I have never regretted becoming an Owner of these fabulous resorts and being able to share with my close family words cannot describe as I don’t get back to NZ that often these days. I have on my Bucket List to stay at the Lake Wanaka resort next time.


What was your experience?

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