The ultimate life saving tool – HOLIDAYS!

I could have kicked myself when I was “talked into” buying Worldmark credits! I spent few nights sleepless, agonizing over the “huge” amount of money that I had just spent. I did not know at that stage that this purchase would help me over one of the most difficult periods in my life.

Things changed very quickly. I was a single Mum, then I was in a relationship and we suffered a very serious financial crash. Depression followed and we sold everything that we owned, except – my WorldMark Credits.

We hung to them like a drowning man hangs to a plank in a huge, deep ocean. For couple of years we had many 1-2 night Bonus stays at WorldMark resorts. WorldMark apartments were the places where we could leave, even for a short time, our overwhelming problems behind and feel human again. We could believe that we are worthy of something better and we could look at our problems from a different perspective.

If I had not had my membership I would never, ever spend money on those precious moments where I could breathe again. I hate to think where we would be today.

The joke in the family is that we had stayed in every one of the apartments at Kirra Beach. We had taken our parents there, our friends and had our adult children stay there as well through our membership. Kirra is our family’s “holiday home” – safe and familiar.

It is only in the last 4 years that we started venturing further. We had acquired few foster children on the way and it has been amazing to watch them come for the first time through Worldmark properties and their delight of discovering comfortable beds, swimming pools and spas and even little things like spare blankets in the cupboards. Sometimes we can even bring some friends and that REALLY gives our kids extra points with their mates on the popularity scale 🙂

We love all the resorts which we have visited to date. Kirra Beach, Golden Beach, Coffs Harbour (Treetops), Port Stephens, Cairns, Flynns Beach, Sydney, but our most memorable trip so far was the trip to Wanaka New Zealand.

I had dreamed of visiting New Zealand since I was 14 and last year we finally made it. Cheap flights helped, but it was the fact that we had prepaid accommodation that allowed us to rent a car and see New Zealand the way we wanted to. It was even more beautiful than I expected. The cleanest and bluest water I had ever seen, salmon swimming in the dams (where is that fishing rod when you really need one), amazing hikes and when it comes to scenery – it brings tears to your eyes for the privilege of witnessing something so spectacular.

Our apartment was as usual – a little bit nicer than home (hey, if you had hordes of teenagers your place would look a bit overused as well LOL). We took one of our daughters with us and she reported to her friends on FaceBook that she had “a bedroom and a bathroom all to herself” 🙂

When not exploring the amazing Wanaka and surrounds we spent time in the pool and spa and made few new friends. This is one more thing that is so amazing when you go to Worldmark resorts – people are really friendly and chatty. We always talk about our favorite resorts and get tips of what to visit when we get there. Often we might finish having BBQ together or going in a group to a local attraction. Couple of times we even got a group discount!

Snooping around Wanaka we discovered that comparable accommodation in the resort close by would have cost us $700 per night! We had been holidaying with Worldmark for such a long time that we did not realize how much the prices went up!

I was really grateful that night about my decision to purchase WorldMark Credits when I did. In fact, I purchased additional credits after we came back from New Zealand, because these days we dream big and we take steps to make sure those dreams come true.


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