Reassurance when we needed it

Our June long weekend visit to Tasmania was planned to conclude with a decadent visit to the previously untried Seven Mile Beach property just out of Hobart. We thought that it would tick most of the boxes for us – plenty of onsite activities for active boys, easy access to the beach and Hobart, good kitchen facilities and a luxurious environment.

However, once we were on the road in Tasmania we had to keep an ear on the radio for news of the volcanic ash cloud and its impact on flights, and the situation was looking pretty grim. It was too late to talk to Wyndham customer service over the phone about the possibility of extending our stay, and it is probably an understatement to say that we were  a bit nervous about what would happen if we could not fly home as planned.  When we booked into Wyndham Seven Mile Beach the charming reception staff reassured us that whatever happened they would look after us; once it was clear that our flight would be delayed they offered us a late check out and confirmed that they would be able to accommodate us if the worst happened and our flight was completely cancelled.

Fortunately we did catch the last plane out – and thanks to the care of the Wyndham staff our precious family time was not spoiled with worry about being stranded. What a relief! We have to save up our credits so that we can get back to Seven Mile Beach soon – and we certainly recommend it to fellow owners.

Regards, Meredith and Mark

What was your experience?

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