My Most Memorable Story

My Husband and I have been members of Wyndham for three years now. When we had only been married for 1 year, we suffered a huge financial disruption in our lives. It was to the point that we weren’t sure what meal we would eat next. We both gave up our plushy (commission making) jobs for hands-on practical jobs. My husband went to work pick packing in a factory and I went into age care nursing. One thing we were determined not to give up was our Wyndham as holidays are a huge priority in our lives. in the course of 1 year we not only paid off all our debts but we saved like crazy and rewarded ourselves with a much needed holiday. We went away for 9 weeks!! (After going no where for 2 years!)

Our first stop was Anaheim, then Vegas. We were blown away by the luxurious feeling of these apartments. We then went onto Flagstaff where we lived it up in the beautiful cabin (King size bed, jet bath), We were snowed in at one point that the roads were closed and it was just the most wonderful experience. We then decided to hike the grand canyon in and out. It was the most breath taking experience.We then went on to Europe where I had traded some of our credits to go towards our Ice vacation cruise. We cruised around the Mediterainian. We saw Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Turkey EGYPT! and Malta. To think that 1 year prior we didn’t know what we would eat next and to that date we were riding a camel in the Sahara just blows my mind but that is the power of God, saving and Wyndham. My husband and I became alot closer on this trip and it was this trip that we decided to try for a baby:) We now have a beautiful baby boy of 5 months. We named him Josef and he just went on his first wyndham holiday in April at only 4 weeks old to Kirra Beach. We are going again in October!! We are so happy that we have Wyndham, We are now on 1 income and can still take 5 star holidays!! Best investment ever!!!


One thought on “My Most Memorable Story

  1. What a beautiful story Joelle! I got goose-bumps reading it! 😉
    My husband and I also experienced an unexpected financial disruption after 1 year of marriage and can testify to God’s power in our lives too. We now have our own small Company, 4 beautiful children and awesome Wyndham holidays! Keep smiling! 🙂

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