A wonderful world with WorldMark

Bree & Ash


My story begins in 2010, with my stepson deciding on a family holiday rather than a party for his 21st birthday in February 2011.

What a brilliant idea!

My husband and I had already stayed at Worldmark on Denarau Island, Fiji  twice before; firstly in 2007 when Brendan proposed to me, then in 2009 for our honeymoon. Our third time was now set for February 2011 for Ashley’s 21st birthday family holiday.

We booked our flights and accommodation in August last year, and that’s when the reality of going back to this amazing country set in for Brendan and I. For Ashley and Bree the excitement for their first trip overseas began when their passports arrived. The wheels were definitely in motion.

The count down began – you know, 100 sleeps, 99 sleeps etc. All the while getting closer and closer, until yes, one week out and all of us were beaming with enthusiasm and excitement. Ashley packed his case 3 or 4 days early just to be sure he didn’t forget anything, which was quite amusing for the rest of us.

We were welcomed with the traditional ‘BULA’ from the Fijian crew on the plane. Then it felt real for Ashley and Bree. We arrived at Worldmark Denarau Island at about 8:30am, and because we arrived so early our room wasn’t ready until 3pm. That was fine as the welcoming staff were more than obliging, giving us use of the guest room so we could relax (no way, we’re on holiday!) or change our clothes. Yep, change we did, and then headed straight to the pool.

After an hour or so in the pool, which was so refreshing, we went for a walk around the resort, showing the kids the rooms we’d stayed in before and generally taking everything in. Then we jumped on the Bula Bus, which from memory was $6 per day. You could get on and off all day and it ran between Worldmark and Denarau Mariner, which is where most of the day cruises run from. So down to the mariner we headed, the bula bus stoped at all the other resorts along the way to pick up passengers. I’m very happy to say, the children decided Worldmark was by far the best looking resort of them all.

The gorgeous sunset on our first evening

We had some lunch down at the mariner then headed back to the resort for some more pool time. Mmm the poolbar was open, so yes cocktails it was!

The front desk rang through to the poolbar to let us know our room was ready, NOW that was exciting. what a fantastic view, it looks like a postcard I know, but NO, that was our view for the next 9 nights… GLORIOUS! The best part about Worldmark is having everything at your fingertips and ALWAYS receiving service with a smile from the worldmark crew.

Day 2: we booked all of our activities for our holiday, down to the mariner and yep – the pool and poolbar. That night we were booked for dinner at the resort restaurant for ‘LOVO’ nite, traditional Fijian food, Polynesian dancers, great food and great entertainment.

Day 3 saw us go on a 4 hour Jetski safari -which ended up being a memory of a lifetime. We all managed to fall off except Bree, which was so very funny. We went out and around the islands, close-up and personal. You can get quite close on a jetski.

Day 4 was a trip into Nadi town, we caught the public bus for $1 per person. The public bus winds its way through the villages and into Nadi, which can be quite an eye opener. Our kids realised just how lucky we are after seeing the conditions within which the Fijians live.

Day 5: we caught a taxi bus from Nadi to Latouka. Latouka didn’t impress us that much so back to the Nadi and then to the resort we headed.

Day 6: we were booked to go on a day cruise but due to a cyclone in the area it was cancelled until the following day. We just kicked back and enjoyed a well-earned rest day.

Day 7 saw us set sail on a Tall Sailing ship out to a deserted island for the day, where we enjoyed snorkelling, swimming, beach volleyball and a delicious lunch.

Day 8: Brendan and Ashley went on a river raft down the rapids, which saw them gone for a good 10 hours. Bree and I didn’t go as we both became sick with a bit of a bug. The boys absolutely loved their heart pumping, adrenaline day. As for Bree and I, well if you’re not feeling well, Worldmark Denarau Island is a beautiful place to help take your mind off it.

Day 9: Home in the evening. Not one of us wanted to leave, but work and school awaited us.

Brendan keeps telling me we need to check out the rest of the resorts that we have at our disposal thanks to the wonderful world of being Worldmark Owners, but I can’t help myself – I just love Fiji! Hmmm who will win…

Vinaka so much Worldmark for our holidays so far, and thank you for our life time of holidays yet to come.


What was your experience?

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