Our Wyndham Denarau Family


I wanted to take the opportunity to tell our family story and what the opportunity to be Wyndham owners has meant to us…

Wyndham Denarau has become our family’s second home and in turn the staff and people of Fiji, our extended family.

We are a very close family and every year since my father (Ratu Ian) signed up in 2004 he has encouraged us all to take a family holiday together at Wyndham Denarau.  As a result nearly all of his children are now Owners and they in turn are also bringing their own children to Wyndham to experience the love, energy and family that envelops you as soon as you arrive.

We have jointly celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary, two 50th birthdays (soon to be three) and such wonderful family times each year since 2004 at Wyndham Denarau that while we know there are many more resorts that we can choose from there is such a strong pull for our family to each year return to our second home.  For one trip my father was in hospital and so determined not to miss the holiday that we discharged him from hospital three hours before his flight and there was no better tonic for improving his health.  Every day we watched him get stronger and healthier and the love and caring from all the staff and the warmth from the Fiji sun was better than any drug you can buy.

It is the place of many happy memories for our family and we hope to have many more years together there and the opportunity to create even more memories and to give the younger members of our family the opportunity to experience happy times together.  How wonderful to create happy family memories for the younger generation that they in turn can take through their lives as a reminder of what Family Values are.  It is also a bonus that one day the ownership can pass to them and hopefully in turn they can create their own memories as their own families grow.

As with every year we are on countdown now for our next stay and for another family celebration and gathering.  It will be even more special that our Fiji family will be there once again to share it all with us.

Vinaka and ni sa moce

Jackie (NZ)

3 thoughts on “Our Wyndham Denarau Family

  1. BULA…..Great story Jackie…It was another memorable holiday for your birthday..Yes it was ” ALL ABOUT YOU” and each trip seems to get better and better. We are so fortunate to be able to share this wonderful holiday location and It will take somewhere pretty special to bet FIJI….our home away from home….FIJI Time is ….Take your watch off at the airport….

  2. Here here – couldn’t have said it better myself. Was another great holiday there with all the whanau. My youngest son is 6 and just had his 4th trip to Wyndham. The kids have all improved in their swimming, learnt about the Fijian culture and socialized with other kids from other countries. A holiday is somewhere where is it absolutely ok to do nothing…….which is what I did!!
    Who is 50 next Jackie??….LOL

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