Seven Mile Beach Experience

Dear Wyndham members!

My family have experienced many amazing and joyful holidays thanks to Wyndham holiday resorts.
From the moment we finish one holiday to the next, we reflect on beautiful memories that our family cherish together. We bring up the photos from holidays on our computer screen to evoke pleasant moments from our holidays and inject positive energy when needed throughout the coming year.

Our last 2011 holiday was in Tasmania.

Travelling with a ship ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ hold a special memories were our family of four  have enjoyed sunset,  sunrise and freshness of ocean air night while the ship was heading towards Devonport.

It took us few hours by car from Devonport to come to Hobart and ‘Seven Mile Beach’ holiday resort. Upon arrival the resort staff were very kind, letting us into our unit earlier than usual, as we were tired from a sleepless night spent on the ship dock regardless of having a cabin for good night sleep. Excitement took its toll.

We were pleased to find out that our unit had quite a lot of privacy, although it was not newly renovated, we were satisfied with the two bedroom unit and small back yard with wooden outdoor furniture. Up here, we regularly were having our breakfast and daily coffee, listening birds chirping around and sounds of ocean splashing onto sandy beach which is couple hundred metres away from the resort.

We will always remember collecting shells along this sandy beach, fishing gummy sharks, eating oysters bought from the nearby farm, feasting on cherries from numerous cherry farms and buying bottles of cherry wine.

Walking along the resort we discovered a  lot of amenities available for the active holidaying, from hiring bikes to gym, tennis table and billiard rooms to  swimming pool, spa, tennis, volleyball courts and many more. Many native plants cover the grounds of this Tasmanian resort beautifying spaces between units, stretching along walking paths.

Among the memorable experiences it is worth to mention visiting Hobart and Salamanca market with its original art and craft, Hobart tourist bus tours and drive to Wellington mountain summit.

How one can come in Tasmania not visiting Port Arthur with its display of the activities and guided tours of this isolated place, to special theatrical performances and ship tours to nearby island were many of the convicts were buried.

Another day, Huon trail drive brought us to Tahoma walkways, high among the huge threes, watching green ferns and swift brownish river running  underneath across white big rocks. On the way back to Hobart we have driven through Huonville, small town stretching along  Huon river banks. We tasted  fresh fish and chips in one of the river boat cafe watching numerous ducks paddling around waiting for the feed.

There are many other memories that I can share with you but this story would be too long to tell you all.

I wish you all such good and rewarding holidays ahead.

Sincerely yours,


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