Living the Wyndham Life

Having been dragged by my wife to a seminar in Perth back in November of 2007 and, with no intention of joining, I spent 4 hours looking for a reason not to become an WorldMark owner. Up to this time we had never had the time or cash to take significant holidays with our kids and were looking for a trigger to push us to make the time.

I had in fact asked so many questions and asked for so much information on the club that I had several people with us at any time and at the end of the night we purchased 10,000 credits.
Over the course of the next 12 months or so we stayed at Dunsborough in WA with our family and had a great time. We also have stayed at our club property in Sydney a couple of times. To this end when we had the opportunity to expand our points base we did so in 2008 and bought another 10,000 points with a bonus that put us at Diamond Level for a period of time.

While we were at the Diamond level we used our membership to book for my wife and I with our 3 kids (18, 21 & 24) our first cruise to the South Pacific with P&O using our ICE Membership to get a great deal. Booking through the travel club using our points we also booked an additional week at Kirra Beach (3 Bedroom appt.) and our points even covered our airfares and vehicle hire for the week as well. A couple of weeks before the cruise we were contacted by our ICE agent and upgraded to a full suite for a small fee. The holiday was great and we believe we saved many thousands of dollars on what we would have paid.

We have since upgraded our membership to Full Diamond and with the bonus points on top of that are going to Europe next year 2012 for a month. Again using our ICE membership we booked a 14 night Rhine river cruise saving about $5,000 off retail and will be using our points through the travel club and RCI for accommodation and assisting with the airfares.

As for Fun time, we have given to our friends as well as taken advantage of it ourselves for a quick getaway. The staff are always friendly and the accommodation clean and well appointed.

The great thing is every year we have a usable balance that saves money and every couple of years we can use it towards other expenses such as airfares or car hire that we would normally have to pay. Our kids have now realised the benefits of our ownership and are planning holidays of their own.

My skepticism now gone, we are looking forward to many years of holidays both here and abroad.


What was your experience?

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