Give something back to the world

Every now and then you experience a time in your life that’s so special and so rewarding that you can just grin from ear to ear.

Recently, we grandparents and 4 grandchildren and their parents, our daughter and son in-law, shared a 3 bedroom apartment at the Wyndham Fiji resort for two weeks.

The goal was achieved by planning it a year ago and the aim was to have fun, relax, eat and share with the grandchildren a different culture and lifestyle and for them to give something back to the world by helping others less fortunate.

We hired an 8 seater van and drove the three and a half hours up to Suva where we were able to donate our clothes to kids that didn’t have any.

We gave a stroller no longer needed to a baby who didn’t have one, but the most precious was that they abandoned their shoes so that they could have a game of soccer barefoot with the 11 Orphaned boys who loved every minute of it.

The grinning, the laughing, the interaction by seeing on the map where we came from was something so special I think that it will remain with us and them forever.

Since our holiday we have had great news of what is happening at this orphnage and we are very pleased to have seen a documentary on what is happening in Fiji and about the orphans, one in particular on Sujit. The grand kids have been back and have seen first hand how their efforts are able to help another.

The one most important thing that I can recomend is to experience first hand the colour, culture and humanness by joining Wyndham and start your OWN experience.

Marianne (Sydney)

7 thoughts on “Give something back to the world

  1. I think its great for anyone to do this, the satisfaction is just grand. ONLY LIFE you might as well share it with others.

  2. How special it is Marianne and John to enjoy giving and modelling this for your grandchildren. You have enriched the lives of your grandchildren as well as being a blessing to the receivers. Keep sharing!

  3. Hi John and Marianne,

    What a great family story, very inspiring. It’s good to know that we have people like you still around us. It’s not a good world out there, reading a story like yours really made my day. Thank you!

  4. Hi Marianne and John
    What a wonderful idea, whilst enjoying your holidays with your loved ones, to bring also happines to the less fortunate. An action that needs following!
    LOL John & Corrie, Huizen, the Netherlands

  5. Its a story which touchs the heart, spending time with people who are unfortunate when knowing we have so much here in Australia that sometimes we just don’t care.And also having your family with you to experience.



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