My cup of tea

There is an old saying, that something or other is not my ‘cup-of-tea’, but this story is about ‘my cup of tea’.

The reason I have titled this “my cup-of-tea” is because one of the reasons I like our WorldMark accommodation is that we have good-sized kitchens.  As I have special dietary requirements, I like to prepare our food when we are on holidays. I love the fact that the kitchens in the units we have stayed in have the basics for my cooking needs.  If there is something extra I need, it is never a problem for the staff to provide me with what I need.  As a cookery author I often need to develop new recipes, even when I am on holidays.  The kitchen facilities at WorldMark resorts allow me to do this.

I am impressed that the staff wherever we have been have a smile.  Dealing with a diverse range of the public may not always be easy, however nothing ever seems a problem for the staff we have met on our holidays.  We are always pleased with the service we receive.

When we recently visited Flynns Beach, one staff member asked us if we had another booking.  When my husband told her we had been on a cruise this year and we were booked to go to Seven-Mile Beach in October, Lakes Entrance in April and Kirra Beach in July, she asked him it he was a professional holiday maker.   We don’t consider ourselves professional holiday-makers.  We just consider ourselves a couple in our retirement who still enjoy being together and travelling and being able to stay in lovely accommodation.  We know the standard of the accommodation before we arrive.

That is the beauty of WorldMark Holiday Credits; they are renewable each year which allows us to travel and stay in many places.  Over the two years we have been WorldMark members we have increased our holiday ownership to allow us more time away together.  We manage to go away for about 6 weeks each year on our Worldmark ownership and we love it!

Recently I noticed some visitors at our church.  I introduced myself to them and made conversation.  They were holidaying in our area.  They said they were staying at a local resort.  I knew the resort was a ‘time-share’, so I said, “Are you ‘time-share’ members”?  They said they were.  My husband went on to explain that we had a holiday program that was not time-share.  He said our holiday program is called ’WorldMark’.  The visitors quickly said that they were also WorldMark Club members.  Over a cup of coffee after church we shared about our experiences of our travels.  We wanted to know more about the travels of the people we had just met, so we invited Diana and Bob to come to our home so we could share more of our travels through WorldMark.  We discovered we had many things in common.

People join clubs for all sorts of reasons.  Joining the Wyndham Club has brought with it dimensions we had never previously experienced.  We have experienced travel and friendship that we had never envisaged.  We love the times where we meet up with other owners at drinks.  It is great to chat with them and hear of their experiences with WorldMark.

Holidays for me are times to sit and relax in beautiful surrounds and enjoy a cuppa, and WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham provide me with great holiday experiences every time.


What was your experience?

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