23 years apart, one week together!

Russell Falls

We were from Australia, they were from England. We met in Hong Kong, both of us expecting our first babies. We became the closest of friends, and our children (now 2 each) were inseparable. Three years later, our husbands’ jobs took us to opposite corners of the globe. They went to the Middle East, we came back to Australia.

We kept in touch by phone and letters, then e-mail and Facebook. Our children also kept in touch over the years. Then we got the news, they were coming to Australia. We booked a Wyndham holiday at the Seven Mile Beach, in beautiful Tasmania. A whole week for us to catch up, and see a part of Australia that few visitors to our great country ever see.

We had a fabulous time visiting the vibrant Salamanca Place, the convict settlement of Port Arthur, the amazing Mona Gallery, wandering the undulating streets and admiring the houses and views from Battery Point, marvelling at the beauty of the Botanical Gardens, walking the moss covered tracks to Russell Falls, drinking in the views from WineGlass Bay, beach walking and so much more. All the while reminiscing over our Hong Kong days 23 years ago.
Thanks Wyndham, for giving us the time to rekindle such a special friendship, and to dream about another Wyndham holiday sometime in the future.


One thought on “23 years apart, one week together!

  1. Love your story. I met my wife in Hong Kong.
    Lisa, I would love to help you stay closer in touch with your friends in the future.
    Contact me and I will show you how.
    I am also a Wyndham owner.

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