Wildlife with WorldMark

Janet and John in front of a mural at Wauchope

We have recently returned from our trip touring along the Central Coast of NSW.  This included stays at the Worldmark resorts at Port Stephens and Port Macquarie (Flynns Beach) as well as taking advantage of the RCI connection by staying at the Kokora Bay Village resort in Coffs Harbour.  All the accommodation was extremely spacious and comfortable and, although each resort had a different character, they were all great in their own way. The staff at the resorts was particularly friendly and helpful and should be commended on such a positive approach to their jobs.  While in Coffs Harbour, we took the opportunity to view the Worldmark Tree Tops resort. It was fantastic and we know where we will be staying next time we visit that part of the coast!

Whale watching at Coffs Harbour

We enjoy walking on our holidays and love to see some of Australia’s fantastic wildlife on our travels.  We had the most spectacular wildlife experience ever when we went watching in Coffs Harbour. Only 10 minutes out of the harbour we came across a mother and calf frolicking in the calm blue seas. We watched in awe as both whales frequently breached and amazingly I managed to capture one of these amazing leaps (thank goodness for digital cameras!). To make the experience even more amazing, we witnessed nature in action when a male whale, which the Boat’s Captain estimated to be 40 foot long and about 40 tons, approached the 2 whales that we had been watching and we could only imagine what was causing the huge turbulence in the water so close to our boat! We feel really privileged to have experienced the grace and power of these amazing animals and the memory of that day will stay with us forever.

Janet & John 

One thought on “Wildlife with WorldMark

  1. You will love staying at the Coffs Harbour Treetops resort. My daily routine is an early morning swim in the bay; some laps in the lap pool; a warm-up in the spa; and home for breakfast. In the afternoon you can walk down to the bay and head left or right – left to Korora Bay or right to Anuka Beach.
    Dinner is at the resort. We buy a tub of luxury ice cream and top off our dinner with a large ice cream “at home”. We only hop in the car once – to buy groceries. Don’t miss going to the aquarium.

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