My story- Wanaka New Zealand

We recently had a week long trip to Wanaka New Zealand. My young daughter (almost 4yrs old), mother and I had been looking forward to this trip for a long time and excited about seeing snow and penguins !

Unfortunately we were a bit too early for the snow, arriving on the 2 June, however we did see it way up high on the mountain peaks. But the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand more than made up for the lack of snow ! Wanaka in particular is such a gorgeous little town and it is easy to see why many people retire there. It’s a little town of beautiful mountains, with low lying clouds….You just feel like you’re in heaven ! We enjoyed eating at the “Cow” restaurant famous for it’s pizza and pasta. We sat by the roaring fire and enjoyed the cobblestone atmosphere of the building, as well as friendly staff, and yummy food ! We also really enjoyed the puzzling world, and the mountain views from the roadside cafes in Wanaka.

We did day trips to Queestown, Arrowtown, and even to Dunedin.We saw heaps of great things, in addition to the scenery along the way. In Queenstown we went on the Gondola ride and dined in the restaurant. In arrowtown we did some souvenir shopping and had lunched in a quaint little tea house that served bottomless cups of

tea/coffee, and served homemade sausage rolls and pies….
Yum ! In Dunedin. We went on a Penguin tour to see the Penguins coming onshore after a day out at sea…truly amazing !  So Wanaka is wonderfully positioned to go to different places if you’re up for a bit of driving. And during the winter time it is perfectly positioned in between two ski fields….We can’t wait to go back again !


5 thoughts on “My story- Wanaka New Zealand

  1. Thanks everyone for you comments 🙂 Kamani- in regard to your question, I found it difficult to find transport companies from Queenstown to Wanaka during the winter, as they were either very expensive, or didn’t operate in the evening (when our flight arrived). I found hiring a car cheaper and more practical as things are spaced far apart in New Zealand. I would suggest finding out what companies can help you by doing a google search, and then finding out specifics, like what times they operate- and then co-ordinate this with your flights (maybe book your flight to suite these times).You can fly from Queenstown to Wanaka and the airport as well, but then the cost is increased. So it just depends on what your situation and budget it. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Hi Fiona,
    We are planning to go to Wanaka in December. Do you know whether there are any tour operators in Wanaka, transporting tourists from and to the re

  3. What a wonderful story filled with lovely memories. Great to see three generations of girls having good times together. I always thought Pedro was mad for buying that time share but now I see its worth.Thanks for sharing. We will have to catch up soon.
    Cheers Janine

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