Three Promising PPC Ad Networks Besides Google Ads

For years, Google Ads has been the beating heart of PPC marketing. There are only a handful of other PPC networks that can match the power of Google Ads. Part of the reason behind this success is the fact that Google happens to be the most visited platform in the world. Due to this reach, Google Ads is by far the best PPC ad network in the world.

This does not mean that other PPC ad networks are not worth using. PPC marketing is a vast field and Google Ads is a part of it. There are many other promising PPC ad networks that you can use besides Google Ads.

You may be asking why is it even necessary to pay for advertising on another PPC network.

The reason why using multiple PPC networks is smart can be answered in one word – diversification.

Depending on Google Ads for all your PPC outcomes is very dangerous. Google can close your account for reasons you can’t even imagine. Furthermore, you don’t want your competitors dominating other ad networks while you focus only on Google. A multi-channel approach to PPC is necessary to ensure stability. Students in digital marketing institutes are taught this basic principle all the time.

In digital marketing, the space a brand can occupy is virtually limitless. If a brand has enough money to invest, it can theoretically make itself appear in front of a lot of prospects. The real challenge is figuring out the right places where the right prospects can be found.

In this article, we discuss three ad networks besides Google Ads marketers should consider PPC marketing.


One of the most popular PPC ad networks, AdRoll is most popular for remarketing campaigns. It uses more than 34M marketing signals for accurate targeting. AdRoll places ads on websites prospects part of the remarketing campaign visit. Since prospects have already shown an interest in the product, the conversion rate of customers on AdRoll is very high.

AdRoll allows advertisers to create ads in a number of formats such as web ads, dynamic ads, Facebook & Instagram ads, and email.


Facebook has helped build so many businesses through its ad platform that many advertisers consider it almost as important as Google Ads. Especially when it comes to consumer products, there are not many platforms that can be used as effectively as Facebook. Like Google Ads, Facebook also promises unparalleled and a wide variety of audience.

PPC campaigns on Facebook are especially effective due to the high-quality targeting features the platform offers. There are also a number of different ad formats advertisers can deploy, not to mention the fact that Instagram ads can also be launched through Facebook.


People underestimate LinkedIn, but it really can be a very effective platform for PPC marketing.

The one common thing that can be said about almost the entire user base of LinkedIn is that it has spending power. Most people are working professionals who have money in their account at around the same time every month. For a marketer, such homogeneity is a dream come true. This is not to mention the serious intent of people who generally use LinkedIn. With the right demographic targeting strategy, LinkedIn can become an effective PPC network.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we discussed three PPC ad networks advertisers can use besides Google Ads.

About the Author – Kumar Kaushik is a PPC marketing strategist currently writing guest posts for DelhiCourses, an institute for its well-known digital marketing course in Delhi.

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