BBQs2U Launches a Versatile Charcoal Grille and Smoker from Master built Gravity Series

When it comes to selling the best barbecue brands in the UK, the mention of BBQs2U tops the list. Whether you are looking for gas or charcoal, BBQs2U has a barbecue for everybody.

This family-owned business is passionate about selling barbecues and has a great deal of grilling experience that they keep sharing with their customers.

They sell and stock Masterbuilt Gravity Series, Kamado Joe BBQs, Blackstone Griddles UK, Ooni Pizza ovens and Napoleon BBQs along with all the amazing barbecue accessories.

The recent launch from Masterbuilt 1050 Gravity Series digitally controlled charcoal BBQ and smoker is yet another example of innovation at its best.

With the 1050 series by Masterbuilt, you get the privilege to smoke, grill, bake, sear, roast, and much more.

Simply dump the charcoal in the hopper and allow the gravity to do the rest of the work. The hopper can hold about 10 pounds of lump charcoal that can last for 8 hours.

The Masterbuilt BBQs have always boasted of providing more cooking space with each new model and the 1050 series is no exception.

It offers an adequate 1050 square inches of spacious cooking area that cooks with the huge charcoal flavour yet offers the set-it and forget-it electronic temperature control of the pellet smoker.

The 1050 Series is designed for convenient use as it keeps a steady temperature and keeps you safe. It is both Wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled which is a handy feature that allows you to attend your guests while also keep an eye on the cook.

The controls are easy to use that lets you navigate from 225F to 700F within 15 minutes during which you can enjoy four cooking styles of grill, bake, roast and sear with the accurate temperature.

The reversible smoker and sear grates of this grill gives you the option either to smoke or gear. Flip the triangular grates for changing from smoke to gear cooking option and get delectable sear marks on your food.

The front shelves can be folded and gives a smaller footprint when unused or else the shelf provides extra space and becomes an extra countertop while cooking for putting a pan or anything else.

The Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 1050 offers everything to impress any barbecue enthusiast. Right from the design, the ease of use with little time to heat up and the digital features offer flawless versatility for cooking.

Book this product at £999 with BBQs2U while also availing discounts on various packs of the 1050 series which include the 1050 Rotisserie Pack at £1,135, the 1050 Starter pack at £1,049, the Pizza pack at £1,1219 and the Pitmaster pack at £1,305. All these packs come with a grill cover and 7.25 kg of Masterbuilt lump charcoal.

Although it costs more than the 560 series, it is worth the expenditure since it is incredibly versatile for outdoor cooking with a huge cooking space for entertaining a large number of guests.

It allows you to expand your barbecue abilities with smart digital options with which you do not need to monitor the cooking constantly. Just set it, light it, and let the Gravity do the cooking for you.

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