4 Reasons Why You Want a Motorcycle Appraisal Before Advertising a Sale

The time has come to part with your beloved motorcycle, so you will be offering it for sale soon. Before that happens, it would be a good idea to have a motorcycle appraisal done by a certified professional. Here are a few of the reasons why this would be a good idea.

Find Out If the Cycle Needs More Work

You’ve been over the cycle carefully, and are sure that everything is in perfect working order. While that’s great, there could be some minor issues that have escaped your notice. It would be good to correct them before any potential buyer takes a look at the cycle.

By having the cycle appraised by a professional, another set of eyes goes over it. There’s a chance that the professional will notice anything that you may have overlooked. If so, it will be included in the details that you receive. See this as a chance to ensure the cycle is everything that you believe it to be.

Information You Can Use to Set the Asking Price

How much do you plan on asking for the cycle? While you know what the original purchase price was, is that information still relevant? Depending on the make, model, year, and other factors, using that original price as the starting point may not be the best idea.

Part of the appraisal results will include the cycle’s current market value. That’s a figure that takes into consideration all the particulars, including any modifications or enhancements that you’ve made. You can depend on that value being an excellent guide for setting the price.

Have Proof of the Current Market Value

You get more than a verbal report as part of the motorcycle appraisal. The appraiser will provide all the particulars in writing. This is important, since it provides you with documented proof of how much the cycle is worth, and what sort of condition it’s in. You can bet that interested buyers will want to see that information.

Making sure you have copies on hand will be great when anyone comes to check out the cycle. The detail will provide them with a good idea of what they are getting for the asking price. If the test drive goes works out, you may have a deal without any further discussion.

More Information Demonstrates Good Faith

Keep in mind that having the appraisal on hand along with all the other documents related to the cycle helps to establish rapport with any prospective buyers. The fact that you are being so transparent about the cycle makes the type of impression that you hope to achieve. It also increases the odds that the potential buyer will take more time to look at the cycle closely.

The appraisal, paired with the other documents, makes it all the easier for the buyer to feel good about doing business with you. There’s no sense that you may be holding something back, or that you have any intent to deceive. Establishing that kind of trust is not impossible without an appraisal, but it is much easier when one is on hand.

Now is the time to call and set up a date for the appraisal. Once you have the results, it will be easy to put them to good use.

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